Best Baby Strollers 2017

When you’re out on long walks or on vacation with a child, you need a comfortable and durable stroller to keep your child safe. There’s many different types of strollers out there and for the purpose of these reviews, we’re only going to focus on single strollers which are meant to only carry one child at a time.

There’s the lightweight strollers that are great for travelling because of how compact they are. You have your traditional strollers with the standard umbrella. There are also strollers that are designed to fit your car seat, so they don’t come with their own seating. There’s the more expensive strollers known as full system travel stroller as well which usually include a car seat holder, a cup holder, an umbrella, 8 wheels and more.

Top 5 Strollers India - Ultimate Recommendation

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride - The Baby Stroller and Pram

If you’re looking for a top notch stroller that will ensure your child’s safety, the R For Rabbit lineup is always a solid choice. One thing that R For Rabbit prides themselves on is that they take safety seriously. This product is even certified via EN 1888 which is the highest level of certification for safety.

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride stroller


  • Comes with a nice reversible handle so you can watch your baby while you’re pushing

  • Has an array of safety features to help ensure you can stop safely and go over bumps

  • The suspension is designed to have the smoothest strolling possible with anti-shock wheels


  • You can step on a brake pedal and stop the stroller when needed

  • It easily folds up, all you have to do is pull the lift button and the stroller folds

  • The wheels were designed with long strolls in mind and won’t give out when going over rough terrain


  • The footing position for the baby can’t be flipped upwards

Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller (Black)

This Luvlap Joy stroller is a traditional type of stroller that comes packed with a lot of different features. Everything from the high quality brakes to the anti-glare canopy, your baby will not only be comfortable in this stroller but you’ll be at ease knowing your child is safe in this super comfortable seat.

Luvlap Joy Baby Stroller


  • The canopy comes with an extension so if it starts raining or the sun gets in your baby’s eyes, you can fold it down

  • There’s a food tray that should help reduce the amount of messes your baby makes

  • There’s a nice 5 point safety harness with the stroller for ultimate safety


  • The back wheels on the stroller have strong brakes

  • There’s a looking window in the back of the stroller so you can see your baby

  • There’s a nice and convenient back pocket to hold your phone


  • The mosquito net advertised doesn’t come with the product

Tiffy & Toffee Baby Stroller Pram Maxtrem (Sky Blue)

Now, while we’re not particularly fans of the design of this stroller, it’s still a pretty high quality stroller and liking a design is subjective anyways. We love that there’s a nice space under the stroller to store things because having to carry things while pushing a stroller does get tiresome.

Tiffy & Toffee Baby Stroller


  • Has 8 wheels with strong brakes for safety when you need to stop fast

  • Has a nice canopy netting that helps keep bugs out and allows you to hang a toy on top of the canopy

  • There’s a mosquito net included with the stroller


  • It’s highly durable and can be taken over rough terrain (although we don’t recommend that)

  • There’s three different reclining positions for comfort

  • Has a strong and comfortable safety belt to keep your baby safe


  • The outer material of the stroller isn’t the strongest material and could be better

Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller (Red)

When we first saw this stroller, we were a bit worried because it looks relatively cheap with cheap materials used in the design. However, we were overall impressed and while the pricing point was concerning, we can definitely recommend this stroller.

Chicco Simplicity Plus Stroller


  • A durable seating position allows the baby to relax

  • There’s a nice padded armrest for the baby and safety bar

  • The drop down over where the baby’s legs are is padded as well


  • Has a nice padded safety harness for protection

  • A durable and lengthy canopy keeps the sun out of your baby’s eyes

  • Durable wheels are built to last and don’t wear down


  • The basket kind of hangs when you close the stroller so you have to carry it or it will touch the ground

Sunbaby Jumbo Stroller (Red)

This Sunbaby Jumbo Stroller comes in a red flashy design with cute little patterns on the inside of the stroller seat. It’s highly durable and very comfortable to the touch. It also has a fun little toy on the front of the stroller for the baby to play with.

Sunbaby Jumbo Stroller


  • Has a front tray with musical lights that keep your child entertained

  • Folds up in one easy nice step

  • The rear wheels come equipped with powerful stopping brakes


  • The fame of the stroller is rock solid and durable

  • You can extend the canopy’s mosquito net to help make sure bugs stay away from your child

  • The wheels easily swivel for sharp turns


  • This stroller is a bit bigger in size than other single strollers

Safety is most important for us when we’re looking at strollers to review. All of those neat designs and cool functions don’t mean squat if the stroller isn’t safe. This is why we picked the safest strollers on the market today for not only the comfort of your child but you and their safety.


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