Best Trimmer for Men in India

Shaving isn’t the most enjoyable activity in the world but it’s something that we all have to do if we want to keep groomed. If you’re looking for the best shaving machine for your face, there’s a lot of different trimmers on the market and they all serve a different purpose.

You want to look for a trimmer that has a nice long battery life so you don’t have to keep it plugged in all the time. A good body trimmer or beard trimmer will also have different speed settings or at least an option to activate turbo so that you get a more effective trim and save time in the process. Different trimmer guards should also come with a good trimmer for different uses such as hair, body and your face.

Recommendations - Best 5 Best Trimmers 2017

1.Braun BT5050 Beard Timmer

This beard trimmer from Braun comes with a huge assortment of different guards and tools to help you get the maximum efficiency out of your shave. There’s dozens of different length settings and we were really impressed with the quality of the blades. The battery life also goes for up to an hour without being plugged in.

Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer


  • Has 25 different length settings built into the shaver

  • Comes with a 2 year no questions asked warranty

  • Fully protected against water damage which makes it easy to clean


  • Can be used on your hair, body and face with multiple length settings

  • Has sharp and precise blades that won’t go dull

  • Has a powerful dual battery that gives up to an hour of constant use


  • The only downside is that the battery takes up to 8 hours if it dies to charge it up to full again (something you can do while sleeping)

2.Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15

This Phillips Beard Trimmer comes in a sleek black plastic durable casing and has pretty powerful blades. One of the most unique features about the QT4001/15 is that the blades are self-sharpening, giving this beard trimmer long lasting durability. You can even get down to a single millimeter of precision with various settings.

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men


  • Has 10 different lockable length settings for all your trimming needs

  • The blades will re-sharpen over time as the product is used, replacing the need for constant replacement blades

  • The trimmer is also skin friendly and won’t leave unsightly cuts or red marks on your skin after use


  • Smooth and rounded tips help reduce irritation of the skin

  • The length of the settings included goes from 1 millimeter to 10 millimeters and has a precision of 1 millimeter

  • Lasts for up to 45 minutes of countless use, which is way more than anyone needs


  • You can’t let the trimmer’s battery go empty or it will need to charge for a couple of hours before it will turn on, even while charging

3.Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15

This Phillips QT4011/15 stands out a bit more with its interesting color scheme. It comes with golden sharp blades, red guards and a red setting changer right near the power button. One of the best things we liked about the QT4011/15 was the precision, which can go as low as .5 millimeters.

Philips Beard Trimmer QT4011/15


  • Comes with an insanely powerful DuraPower motor which gives it lengthy uptime

  • There’s 20 various lock in settings from .5 millimeter up to 20 millimeter

  • The blades are made from razor sharp titanium and safe for your skin


  • The blades are self-sharpening so you won’t have to worry about replacements

  • It can be used up to 90 minutes at a time and only takes a single hour to recharge

  • The tips and blades are smooth even for titanium to ensure your skin has a pleasurable shaving experience


  • Some users have reported that while it’s great for the face, it wasn’t as efficient for the body as other trimmers on this list

4.Kemei KM-2013 RECHARGEABLE Beard & Moustache HAIR Clipper & Trimmer for Men – Multicolour

This multicolor Kemei KM-2013 is a high quality all-in-one trimmer and clipper. It’s perfect for your face, it’s great for body trimming and it’s also great for cutting your own hair as well. The Kemei KM-2013 has relatively smooth motion and doesn’t meet a lot of resistance when it’s at work, we effortlessly was able to cut off even thick hair.

Kemei KM-2013 RECHARGEABLE Beard


  • Has a long lasting battery life for whatever your trimming needs may be

  • Has a limited warranty with no questions asked for a return

  • The motor on this trimmer is powerful and built to plow through even the thickest of hair


  • The charging time of this trimmer is only 40 minutes and can be used for up to 8 hours

  • The trimmer is smooth on the skin and doesn’t leave any cuts

  • The cutting motion is flawless and the blades are long lasting


  • This trimmer can be a bit noisier than you’re probably used to because of the strong motor

5.Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black)

The Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B comes with sharp Japanese blades and unique technology that makes it one of the most effective trimmers on this list. It’s just as great for your hair as it is for your face. The trimmer is also easily washable and waterproof, so don’t worry if you accidentally drop it in the sink.

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard


  • Has 13 different length settings for a short cut shave or to leave it a little on the top

  • Any needed repairs or replacements can be done with a limited warranty of 24 months

  • The blades are stainless steel, so they’ll always look sharp


  • The blades are razor sharp and smooth to the touch

  • There’s 13 different length settings that will let you go from 2 millimeter to 18 millimeter

  • Recharges relatively quick depending on how long the trimmer was used


  • This trimmer doesn’t get the .5 or 1 millimeter close cut that some people are looking for


Picking the right trimmer boils down to picking a trimmer that comes with appropriate trim guards for what you want it to do and has a deep enough cut for how close you want to get. You can get as close as .5 millimeter with some razors that we’ve included on this list. We only picked trimmers that had durable blades, had long battery lives and provided a clean smoothen shave.