What’s the Best WordPress Web Hosting Company in India?

This is a difficult question to answer because there’s multiple factors for what determines how good a web host is. There’s the pricing, the speed, the customer support and how reliable a web hosting provider is. When you have a WordPress site, speed is especially important because the majority of the administration is on the backend through the WordPress login portal.

What Should I Look For in a good Hosting Company?

Speed – This is an important factor because server speed and stability will determine how quickly people can load your website. You want to make sure people can access your website within reasonable times and that they don’t have to wait for content to load. People have an average attention span of 3 seconds before they click off of your website and switch to another one.

Pricing – If you’re on a strict budget, you want to shop around on places such as Namecheap for the domain because places like HostGator have relatively expensive domain purchase prices. However, the pricing point for the hosting providers we’ve selected are relatively cheap and offer affordable economy budget friendly options for annual hosting.

Customer Support – You need to make sure that there’s 24/7 available support with your hosting provider. Problems can happen at any time and you need to be able to contact someone at a moment’s notice to get your problem fixed. Luckily, we’ve made sure that every host we mention provides fast customer service to fix any issue that you might have.

Migration – If you need to change your DNS settings to host a site somewhere or migrate your website, what options are available? Do they offer assistance (usually, this isn’t free) and do they offer easy access to your databases? This is important because the SQL database is the essence and lifeblood of your WordPress site. You need to make sure it’s easy to export and import to another hosting provider if need be. Every host we’ve covered here has one click easy access to PhpMyAdmin.

One thing we really want to cover is that you should really avoid the extremely cheap hosting providers. They usually have non-existent customer support which is limited to only a few hours a day, they don’t allow you to access databases without permission, they don’t offer free bandwidth and the speed of their service is unbearable. If you’ve never heard of a host, do some research on the host and make sure you’re not being conned for your money. Luckily, we’ve gone through all of the horrible hosts to weed them out and we’ve found the three best WordPress Web Hosts in India. We’ve gone through all of their pros, cons and what you can expect from them below.

#1 – Bluehost WordPress Hosting India

Blue host India web hosting

You’ve more than likely seen banners and advertisements all over the internet for Bluehost if you’ve ever searched for a hosting provider. The reason for this is because Bluehost pays a lot of money to affiliates if they get a sign up through their link. There are quite a few pros and cons when it comes to Bluehost. A lot of people have criticized the company for their support, even though their support is quick. If you ever have to contact the company for any reason, you’ll usually get a really fast response within minutes and they have a 24/7 live chat.


  • The overall server speed of Bluehost hosting can be excellent even though there are times when the speeds to slimmer down a little bit

  • The price of the hosting is around Rs.3200 per year and you also get a free domain with your purchase ( Updated August 2017)

  • The user interface of Bluehost is incredibly friendly and easy to navigate whether you’re someone with one domain or a reseller

  • There are a lot of different channels for customer support including phone, email and live chat which responds relatively quick

  • If you have to migrate a website, it may not be free but the DNS propagation of new websites to Bluehost is usually relatively fast


  • Sometimes, the overall service quality can be a bit on the average side and if you put a lot of plugins on your site, you might notice a decrease in the overall speed and loading time of your website

#2 – HostGator WordPress Hosting

Hostgator web hosting

This one can be a bit iffy depending on what you’re looking for. HostGator is an amazing hosting provider and from our experience, they provide nothing but excellent customer support. Some hosting providers will charge you to clean a hacked website but when we experienced a hack of our own, HostGator replied swiftly and fixed the problem for free without trying to charge us. They also have a ton of tutorials on their website which help you get started and will guide you through any problem you may have.


  • HostGator has a lot of amazing tutorials and guides for new and experienced users no matter what issue you’re facing

  • You get free money to advertise on Google and Bing for your website or for your affiliate offers

  • There’s a large number of customer service options available for people in the forms of phone, live chat and email

  • They come with unlimited disk space, unlimited databases, unlimited domains and unlimited FTP accounts

  • The price for hosting is only 3400 RS per year


  • Buying a domain through HostGator is a bit expensive and should be probably be done through another website like GoDaddy or Namecheap so you save a little bit of money

#3 – GoDaddy webhosting India

godaddy web hosting India

You’ve more than likely seen the commercials for GoDaddy and all of the advertisements all over the internet. They spend probably more money on advertising their service than any other web hosting company in the world but they’re one of the most utilized web hosting providers in the world and they offer a lot of amazing tools available for WordPress websites. Also, the price of GoDaddy hosting is extremely cheap compared to other hosting providers. One of the only downfalls we really noticed is that they’re not very friendly in terms of navigation because the UI can be a bit confusing when you’re new.


  • The control panel for databases, domains and your website is pretty friendly when you get used to it

  • They have excellent customer service support over the phone and always take care of all of your issues, they’ll spend extra time on the phone with you just to make sure you’re taken care of

  • The price of the hosting starts at Rs.1200 per year which is really cheap compared to a lot of different hosts that we’ve explored ( Updated August 2017)

  • GoDaddy is great for people who aren’t good with technical things or technical issues and they make it easy to get a WordPress site setup and running in minutes

  • There’s a lot of backup options for your server and they also offer unlimited bandwidth


  • The server may not be the quickest speeds around and you may experience a little bit of downtime if you have multiple websites


Depending on what you’re looking for, the three different hosts we’ve covered can be great for different reasons. GoDaddy may not be the best WordPress host provider but they’re great in terms of price. GoDaddy is excellent for saving money and their UI for managing your stuff is great. Bluehost has amazing customer service that is always available and easy to access no matter what issues you’re facing. Bluehost also has the best and friendliest interface that we’ve found for novice and expert users.

You can access your databases and DNS settings in a couple of clicks with Bluehost. Then we have HostGator which is about in the middle in terms of service, customer support and speed. They offer great service in terms of their server stability but their prices for buying a domain are a bit high. This is why we recommend if you go with HostGator and want to save some money, you go with another domain provider and point the DNS to HostGator which is easy to do with their tutorials. They have a lot of tutorials that cover all and any issues.

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