Best Fitness Band in India

If you’re someone who’s into fitness or long walks, you should own a fitness band. These bands will help you monitor your heart rate, they’ll help you count the calories you’ve lost and track your time. Exercise bands are a great help to ensure you’re getting the maximum performance out of your workout.

When looking for a fitness band, you want to make sure the band fits comfortably around your waist and it doesn’t come loose. You also want something with a lot of different tracking variables such as heart rate, calories burned, your speed and the time spent on a particular exercise.

Top 5 Best Fitness Band - Ultimate Recommendation

GOQii Life Fitness Band with Personal Coaching

One of the things we like to look for in a fitness band is one that includes a personal coach, which is what the GOQii Life Fitness Band includes. This band is a lot more than just a fitness tracker and includes a very in-depth health management for all of your exercise needs, whether it’s running, walking, jogging or other types of exercises.

GOQii Life Fitness Band with Personal Coaching


  • Comes with in all in one fitness and health management system

  • There’s an integrated USB charger that comes with the device, so there’s no need to buy your own

  • Has up to 14 days of continuous battery life


  • You can wirelessly connect to a smart phone or iPhone

  • You can also get WhatsApp and email notifications right there on the LED display

  • Covers essential health management tools such as calories, steps taken, distance covered and even your sleep pattern


  • The snooze option on the band can be a little annoying when it goes off

HealthSense PD-102 Smart 3D Pedometer Watch

The HealthSense PD-102 Smart 3D Pedometer watch has some pretty interesting technology in it for an exercise band, even though it looks like you every day common watch. Whether you’re someone who regularly enjoys walks or likes to run, there’s different modes on this watch to switch between the two.

HealthSense PD-102 Smart 3D Pedometer Watch


  • Comes equipped with powerful Smart 3D Tri-Axes Technology

  • Has an all-inclusive health counter with various things recorded and managed for your workout

  • There’s a one year warranty for returns and replacements


  • Counts all the steps you take, your distance traveled, your calories burned, how long you’ve been active, your goals and many more

  • Comes with a 7 day memory so you can track your week by week progress

  • Will count efficiently based on whether you’re walking or running


  • The Pedometer might come turned off but in order to turn this on, all you have to do is press and hold ADJ/EL + Reset for it to turn on

Techonto FitFreak 3 Fitness Band

The Techonto FitFreak 3 Fitness Band is an all in one fitness and health monitor. It’s a pretty high tech monitor at that for a relatively low price compared to other exercise bands out on the market. If you want to manage your calorie intake, your heart rate or receive phone calls while running, this band can do that.

Techonto FitFreak 3 Fitness Band


  • Allows you to receive phone calls and display the number on screen

  • It will effectively measure your heart rate to ensure you’re getting the best effective workout

  • All of your steps can be tracked and reported in real time


  • Is far more efficient than the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the Fit Bit

  • You’ll get message alerts whenever someone calls you and you can reject the calls

  • You can monitor your sleep cycle and record the quality of your sleep


  • The battery life could be a little bit longer

Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker and Real Time Audio Coach

The Moov Now 3D Fitness band is one of the most efficient and best fitness bands we’ve ever seen. It tracks so many different things and has so much management data that can be presented to you, you’ll be able to effectively tune your workout according to the data presented by this band.

Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker


  • This band has voice audio which helps guide and coach you through your workout to help you get effective results

  • Has more than 3 times the sensors that most fitness bands come with in the standard basic bands

  • The band is lightweight, breathable and even waterproof


  • Has up to 6 months of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about recharging or new batteries

  • Comes with a fitness tracker that allows you to track all of your motion in 3D

  • It will help motivate you to achieve your goals and advise you best on what workout is best for you


  • The band may pull a few hairs if you have hairy legs and strap it onto your leg

Iwown Limited edition ultimate i6 Heart rate Premium Fitness band

The Iwown premium fitness band is another top notch high rated product on the market. The screen has an impressive 1 inch HD display and will give you all the vital information you need to give you an effective workout. 8 different types of messages at once can be stored and displayed on the screen for quickly swapping back and forth.

Iwown Limited edition ultimate


  • Comes with a solid HD 128x64 display resolution on a 1 inch screen

  • Can record you to do list, your movement model, your recent calls and track all of your recent activities

  • Has an intelligent recognition module that will record the type of exercise you’re doing whether it’s basketball, baseball, walking or running


  • The band will advise you on how you can get better sleep after tracking your sleeping patterns and how long you sleep

  • You can receive reminders if you have appointments or a calendar via vibrations from the band

  • Tracks your steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned, all your messages and more


  • It tracks a lot of information and it’s hard to organize at first until you get used to it

Tracking your statistics and data when you’re exercising is important. How do you know if you’re improving if you aren’t keeping a record of your data? We made sure to pick fitness bands that were sure to track your overall health, your sleeping patterns and even some that helped coach you based on your data.